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Foodcare Systems imports and distributes the AUK polyurethane gumboot range in Australia. AUK gumboots are lighter in weight, last up to 3 times as long, and more comfortable than standard PVC gumboots. The AUk gumboots are injection moulded from polyurethane to create an extremely lightweight, durable, and flexible material. AUK polyurethane gumboots are similar to Hevea polyurethane gumboots, Bata worklite polyurethane gumboots and Bekina polyurethane gumboots. Using Hevea polyurethane gumboots, Bata worklite polyurethane gumboots and Bekina polyurethane gumboots at your facility? Try AUK and experience the improved performance over Hevea polyurethane gumboots, Bata worklite polyurethane gumboots and Bekina polyurethane gumboots. Buy direct from Foodcare Systems. Ask for a special price for trial samples, and you can see for yourself how good these boots really are.


Looking for metal detectable pens? Foodcare Systems stocks and supplies the widest range of metal detectable pens, and a large range of other metal detectable items, such as metal detectable markers, metal detectable highlighters, metal detectable safety knives, metal detectable cable ties, metal detectable clipboards, metal detectable scrapers, metal detectable shovels, metal detectable brushes, metal detectable tags, metal detectable earplugs, metal detectable bandaids, and much more. Call Foodcare Systems today on 1300 720 474 and speak to a metal detectable pen specialist.


Lumiscan ATP Hygiene Monitoring is a breakthrough in rapid hygiene monitoring. ATP surface testing is now a well proven method of monitoring hygiene levels, with most of the worlds leading food companies using the ATP method in their plants. Lumiscan takes the technology further with the unique dual ATP/AMP reading. ATP is present in every living thing, but degrades quickly through processing, heat treatment, and time. AMP is essentially degraded ATP, and so the combined testing of both ATP and AMP gives a more consistent, sensitive measurement, particularly with processed foods such as meats, sauces, condiments, in fact any food that isn’t in its fresh state.

Lumiscan ATP hygiene monitoring is available exclusively through Foodcare Systems. Speak to a rapid hygiene monitoring expert today - call 1300 720 474.


Foodcare now stock a comprehensive range of AFX colour coded hygiene tools in both purple and orange. The renowned AFX colour coded range is used in leading food & beverage plants. The addition of the extra 2 colours to the AFX colour coded hygiene cleaning tool range means food companies can implement even more comprehensive colour coded hygiene cleaning plans throughout their plants.

These additional colours mean the AFX colour coded hygiene cleaning system now has 8 colours, with White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Orange, and come in a large range of both reusable and dd easy to fit.


The Howard Leight Laser-Trak metal detectable earplugs are a very popular metal detectable earplug. They have a small brass crimp on the end of the plug. packed in boxes of 100 pairs, in cases of 1000.

3M E.A.R Neon detectable earplugs are another very popular metal detectable earplug model. The renowned comfort of E.A.R neons is legendary, and many companies will use none other.

To find the right metal detectable earplug model for your plant, call Foodcare and speak to a specialist.



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